Coastal Creations

Mirror Collage

About Coastal Creations

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with shells. It’s hard to believe that such simple creatures can make such interesting shapes, perfect spirals, and patterns in so many beautiful colors. Shells are the perfect natural art, and each one is a treasure. Wherever I have lived, my window sills have always been littered with shells. Looking at them takes me back to tropical vacations and gets me through the long, cold winters of Maine.

Maine doesn’t have the variety of shells that the tropics do, however, they are just as beautiful. For the Maine mirrors, I use only local shells. Most of the material I have collected on one of my frequent beachcombing trips. I am so fortunate that going to work often means heading for the beach! Just like the tropical mirrors, these evoke wonderful memories of warm summer days at the shore.


Custom Creations

I love putting together special and meaningful pieces for people. Often I include treasured shells that were collected on a memorable vacation or honeymoon, or from a significant place. Whether with your shells or mine, I am pleased to create a beautiful piece to occupy a special spot. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.


I invite you to explore the gallery page to see examples of the mirrors, learn more about me and how I make the mirrors, and contact me to discuss the creation of a unique mirror for your home!

Hand-crafted works of art, each uniquely beautiful, brought to you from the coast of Maine